The best music streaming services of 2020 for music lovers

Technology: If you’re a music lover, free music streaming services have their limits, and paying a subscription can provide a variety of interesting options for the most music-loving.

Some music streaming services are available for free, and if your usage is limited to a musical background, then you may not mind listening to a few commercials and not being able to play a song that you don’t really like. But if you’re really a fan, it might be better to pay to get rid of that inconvenience. And you have a choice.

In this guide, we are only offering you services that provide commercial-free streaming with a large collection of titles.most popular services provide access to a similar collection of 40-60 million titles.we have, however, added a few more specialized services, offering an alternative to the catalogues of the major record companies.

Each service offers commercial-free streaming to its paid subscribers, with the ability to save content so they can listen to or play any album or song offline, and most also offer custom playlists, smart DJs and other ways to discover new music based on users’ music preferences.

Some of these services also offer to buy music and add it to a collection, and several others include tools to load songs from a personal collection to mix and match to the online catalogue.for a few extra euros a month, music lovers with advanced hearing can switch from a compressed audio file to a lossless, high-quality stream of songs.

The music streaming giant has become an addictive leader with some of the best intelligent playlists out there, it also offers the best social connections if you’re willing to log in to your Facebook and Spotify accounts, it’s easy to share playlists without using Facebook and you can still enjoy your guilty pleasures in a private session if you prefer to hide the fact that you love Coldplay from your snobby friends.

By far the best feature of Spotify is the ability to switch output devices on the fly, so you can go from the smart speaker on your desktop to the sound system in your living room without missing any of your favourite songs. It’s also possible to upload personal content. For years, the biggest frustration Spotify has generated for music fans was the 10,000 song limit, but since May 26th 2020, this limit has been officially removed.

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