Nine "yellow vests" judged for the sacking of the Arc de Triomphe: "I acted and then I thought"

"Long live the wind, long live vandalism", "The yellow vests will triumph", "Increase (sic) the RSA", "The devil with us", "Class against class" ...And even "Abba the cops and the fascists" - "Like the music group, the only funny thing", laughs the president of the court.This December 1, 2018, the "yellow vests" compete in inventiveness to tag the pillars of the Arc de triomphe.In yellow letters, red or black, one meter high They display their anger on the bicentennial monument which, since 1920, has housed the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, who fell in action during the First World War.the interior, as shown by the photos projected in court, it is desolation.Glass windows broken, shop looted, staff premises ransacked ...And, above all, this face of the statue of Marianne dazed, sunken, symbol of the tearing of 'a country that will make headlines and go around the world.

Seven defendants present (out of nine) are therefore judged from Monday, March 22 by the 15th chamber of the Paris Criminal Court, standing in front of the court, often with their hands behind their backs.the monument.They incur up to ten years in prison (for aggravated thefts).But the president immediately warns: "You are not responsible for all of this damage.The main perpetrators have never been found.A receptionist from the Arc de Triomphe who, alerted, rushed to

Posted Date: 2021-04-05

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